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With the new program the Premier Swingtett takes the audience on a trip to four capitals which couldn’t be more interesting and more different:

Berlin in the roaring 20’s, full of burlesque revues and cheeky Lieder“.

Parisian Bohemiens found the first European jazz group: „Le Quintette du Hot Club de France“.

Moskow's vodka drunken nights resonate in melancholic Russian tunes.

Hollywood is jammin’ and stompin’ non-stop as the film capital of the world.

American Swing meets French chansons and Russian soul runs into Berliner Herz und Schnauze (heart and jaws). The group is singing and swinging quite naturally the songs from German talkies of the 30’s, Parisian Musette, Russian Gypsy Songs and tunes from films that made Hollywood famous. It's authentic and convincing because the musicians are deeply rooted in the music of their home-towns where they grew up and started their professional musical careers.